Sumofale 2015

Welcome to The Summer Movie Fantasy League 2015 season! My favorite thing with the stupidest name ever is back! No need for dilly dally, let’s do this thing.


Download this year’s SUMOFALE release spreadsheet

A quick primer on the rules:

  1. There are 8 teams, each made up of 7 movies released between May 1st to August 31st.
  2. The winning team will have the highest total combined domestic box office grosses for that team’s 7 movies.
  3. Box Office Totals are counted from May 1st to October 27th

The Avengers Rule

  1. In an attempt to make things fair (to try and make gigantic movies less gigantic and make August movies equal to May movies), there is a 4 week cap for Nationwide releases. (AKA The Avengers Rule) Each nationwide release’s box office gross will be counted for 4 weeks. Let’s say Magic Mike XXL makes $50 million in its opening week, then $40 in week 2, $30 million in week 3, $20 in week 4, regardless of how much it makes in week 5, if you took Magic Mike XXL, your team total would be $140 million. If Magic Mike XXL is only out for 3 weeks, then your team would only get the 3 week total, obviously.
  2. For movies that are a limited release, you will get whatever box office numbers that movie makes throughout it’s run, regardless of how long it’s in theaters.
  3. If that movie is a runaway hit and becomes a nationwide release, you would still get all the proceeds of its limited release and then get the 4 additional weeks of nationwide box office gross.

Nationwide releases are in bold on the summer movies spreadsheet.

The Lovelace Wire

  1. Since drafting back up movies was a fine idea, but failed miserably, this year I’m introducing the “Lovelace Wire” waiver wire. All movies not selected in the draft are placed on the Lovelace Wire. You are allowed to pick up any of these movies, as long as you drop a movie currently on your team. For example, let’s say during the draft you selected Before I Wake, starring Thomas Jane and Kate Bosworth, slated to open May 8th. Then, let’s say Before I Wake gets pushed back to late September. In this case, you could drop Before I Wake from your team and pick up any of the movies that were not selected during the draft.
  2. Once a movie is released, it is no longer available for pickup from the Lovelace Wire.
  3. You totally don’t need an excuse to drop a movie to pick one up from the Lovelace Wire. Maybe you can’t believe no one drafted Skin Trade, starring Dolph Lundgren. Maybe you think not as many people are going to go see Avengers 2 as everyone else does. Go ahead and switch out the potentially top grossing movie of all time for the top grossly titled movie, Skin Trade.


  1. Draft will go in Snake Order. From Wikipedia: “In a snake draft, the first round is drafted in order. In the second round, the draft order is reversed so that the manager who made the last pick in the first round gets the first pick in the second round. The order is reversed at the end of each round so that the manager with the first overall pick does not maintain this advantage in every round.
  2. Draft is set for Sunday May 3rd, 6pm. (All grosses from May 1st openings will still count towards your team)

Coming Attractions coming later today. Bring on the brownies, the hours of work wasted, and Sean’s flawless commenting. Make that dough!


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