Sumofale Week 5


Finally, The Rock, has come back, to 1st place at the box office. San Andreas opened to the tune $54 million this weekend. The action flick averaged $14k per theater across 3700 venues. This was way better than the $40 million prediction that I made last weekend (according to Box Office Mojo, that was also what the industry was predicting for this movie. I’m a Smart-EE.) The movie dominated the worldwide box office, where it was #1 in 55 of the 60 markets it opened in this weekend. 44% of people going to the movie saw it in 3D, which I’m sure padded it’s stats, but San Andreas still was a huge hit this weekend.

This was the best opening for a movie with The Rock in the primary staring roll. The Fast and Furious movies have made a gazillion dollars, but that stars like 19 other people. Before this one, The Rock’s best openings were G.I. Joe: Retaliation at $40 million (and note, he didn’t star in the first one) and Hercules* at $29 million.

*Did I block out the fact that John Hurt was in this movie? So The Rock, John Hurt and Al Swearengen were all in this movie? And it sucked? How is that possible? Oh, I know why.

Coming in second this weekend was Pitch Perfect 2. The $100 million sing-a-long was actually added in another 100 theaters. The result was that it pulled in $14.8 million, bringing its 3 week total to $147 million. It looks like Pitch Perfect 2 could reach $175 million by the time it’s retired next weekend.

Tomorrowland fell a terrible 58% from last weekend to come in third this weekend, with a week 2 gross of only $14.3 million. So far, it’s made just $63 million. It looks like it will probably reach $100 million by the time its retired, but it’s really going to struggle.

In fourth place this weekend, thanks to $13 from yours truly, was Mad Max: Fury Road. This movie was… Fucking. Awesome. Go see this movie. Everyone needs to see this movie. It was incredible. It’s a shame this movie has only made $116 million. It’s mad good (no pun intended) That’s my official review: Mad. Good. (no pun intended)

Worldwide Fury Road is doing well, however, making $280, which is actually better than Pitch Perfect’s $228 million. I guess that makes sense, since all of the songs in that movie are American pop songs in English and Mad Max has like 14 lines of dialogue.

Coming not in 5th, but 6th this week was Aloha making just $9 million. This isn’t THE worst movie in Sumofale history. Its still better than R.I.P.DAfter Earth, and Grown-Ups 2. However, this could be the lowest opening of any major movie in Sumofale history (those movies made $11, $27, and $41 million, respectively). This movie needs The Rock, because it’s a disaster. Boom! Stuck the landing.

Far From The Madding Crowd pulled in another $1.5 million this weekend. It continues to grow, being added to another 37 theaters, which brings its total up to 902 theaters. That total seems a little too large for me. I’m ready to declare this movie a nationwide release. 1000 theaters is a lot. This movie is playing at AMC 25 in Times Square. If that doesn’t say nationwide release, I don’t know what doesn’t. That place is not exactly an art house.

In “Holy Shit, These Movies Suck” news:

Poltergeist continues to be shitty. Falling 64% from last weekend, Poltergeist pulled in only $8 million in its second weekend. So far, the movie hasn’t even made $40 million.

Hot Pursuit made only $1.4 million in its fourth and final weekend. It will be retired making only $32 million.

Maggie is dead. That’s not a zombie joke, it’s actually dead. It’s no longer in theaters. Actually, it hasn’t been in theaters for 3 weeks. Whoops! It only managed $187k in 2 weeks.

Looks like The D-Train won’t be running anymore. This disappointment also only made it through 2 weeks, as well. This one failed only slightly less than Maggie with $669k.


  1. Danielle – $420 Million
  2. Liz – $197 Million
  3. Danny – $191 Million
  4. Andy – $69 Million
  5. Tanya – $41 Million
  6. Rhys – $0.6 Million
  7. Jenny – $0
  8. Sean – $0

Coming Attractions

Spy (Rhys)

#1 movie of the weekend. This movie is going to do great:

  1. Melissa McCarthy is hilarious. But not only that, she brings in dollars. Even Tammy brought in $80 million, and that movie was terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible.
  2. If it were just McCarthy, maybe this movie would be hit or miss (like Tammy or Identity Thief, which still made $134 million), but this is the third movie that Melissa McCarthy is teaming up with director Paul Feig. The previous two they did together were Bridesmaids and The Heat. Both of those movies were not only good, but they each made over $150 million.
  3. It looks like they did it again. Spy got an RT score of 94%.
  4. Generally speaking, this movie looks good. I found myself laughing at a few stupid things during the trailer. And even though the plot looks incredibly simple and predictable, it looks like it’ll be well done. Good choice Rhys. Thanks, Rhys.

Entourage (Danny)

I couldn’t really figure out how well this movie would do. My gut tells me not so good, considering only 10% of the U.S. has HBO and I only know one person who’s excited for this movie, and they will probably wait to watch it on HBO, ironically. But I thought I’d try to give this movie a better shot than “this movie will suck because if you think about it, every episode of this show doesn’t really have a plot.” The best comp I could think of for this movie is Sex and the City. That movie made $57 million in its opening weekend, but the only other movie it went up against that weekend was a horror movie starring Liv Tyler. Entourage has a little more competition and is a little less good, with an RT score of 32% compared to 49% of Sex and the City. I think both Spy and San Andreas beat this movie, in some order.

Insidious: Chapter 3 (Sean)

Way to go Mom! Jeeze! You ruin everything! Just let your kids go. Why do you have to be so overbearing? Can’t you just let me have my own life? Didn’t you know that by scarily appearing in my closet, you’d invite every other dead person into our house?

What a stupid plot. That feels like a room full of writers were like, “Okay, how do we get the house to become haunted? How bout if the girl talks to her ghost mom and that, for no reason at all, allows all ghosts into their house. And then they’re evil. Work for everyone? Good!” And why aren’t there more ghosts? If just by talking to ONE ghost it allows them ALL in, why isn’t the house just filled with ghosts? Like no one can even move around because there are ghosts everywhere? Do you know how many dead people there are? It’s a lot.

Also, a person in this movie says “It’s eating at her soul”. We’re not going to just let that one hang out there, right? That shit is dumb. So is this whole movie apparently! Surprised? Not me. Insidious: Chapter 3 only got 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is actually slightly better than I expected. Maybe it’ll do okay. Horror people go see horror movies regardless if they suck or not.

Love & Mercy (Rhys)

I mean it looks good. There’s not really much more to say. Besides the fact that it actually is good, getting a 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. And who doesn’t like the Beach Boys? Wait you know someone who doesn’t like the Beach Boys? Let’s get those commie bastards!



  1. Spy – $48 million
  2. San Andreas – $31 million
  3. Entrouage – $18 million
  4. Pitch Perfect 2 – $12 million
  5. Insidious: Chapter 3 – $11 million

Have a great weekend everyone!



2 thoughts on “Sumofale Week 5

  1. Fun British Fact the advertising for Spy barely shows Melissa McCarthy and only highlights all those hot British people….Jude law, rose Byrne and Jason Stratham!

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