Okay let’s get the little stuff out of they way before we dive into Star Trek. So, first there’s this…

The English Teacher – D-Money

During the first quarter of this trailer I thought “Oh, I bet this is going to be good but not that many people will see it.” As the trailer went on, I thought “Oh, this doesn’t look good at all.” Then I looked up the reviews. They don’t look good either. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 40% and MetaCritic scored it at only 28. This has all the signs of un-success: it’s already been released on Video on Demand, its website is a Tumblr, its not even playing in New York City. Swing and a miss Danielle.

Prediciton: $8 opening. $30k total

Now on to…

Star Trek: Into Darkness – Rhys

I really wanted to just have a whole bunch of Star Trek related YouTube clips like the post I did for Batman last year. One reason being that its super easy. The other is because I wanted a reason to include this:

Now, I don’t know about you, but for the first 10 seconds of this video, I didn’t really notice anything. Then I figured out what was happening. I started out by thinking that Riker was kind of a dork. Then something happened. About half way through this clip I realized that Riker is a fucking badass. I mean, who sits in a chair that way? This is like taking AC Slater and adding swagger. Straight baller.

So instead of taking the easy route I’m giving you the hard hitting analysis you know and love. Like? Put up with. Well, right after this…

Come on! I couldn’t do a whole post about Star Trek and not include that. But now that it’s out of my system, let’s get to some analysis. The “original” Star Trek made $257 million (I use quotes because it was the 11th movie Star Trek movie made). I think that Into Darkness will fare even better than its predecessor due to the amount of buzz surrounding it. People “generally enjoyed” the first movie which usually drives people to go see the sequel.

Star Trek was basically starting from scratch. The last movie before the reboot (Star Trek: Nemesis) was made 7 years before, only grossed $43 million, and was terrible. The last time there was a Star Trek show on TV was 4 years prior to the movie’s release. It starred Scott Bakula and was on UPN getting a rating of 3. (And this was before the prevalence of DVRs and the rise of FX, AMC et al. To show you what kind of rating that is: on Monday Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 2 on VH1 was able to get a 3 going up against the NBA playoffs. I’m not sure what this says about us as a society though.) Like I said, there wasn’t much clamoring for a Star Trek movie, but it still made $257 million.

Star Trek: Into Darkness (Okay, this is really the best name they could come up with?) has buzz from the previous film. Plus, King of the Nerds, J.J. Abrams being tapped to direct the next Star Wars movie is good for at least $10 million. And we haven’t even discussed Benedict Cumberbatch!* Over-the-top bad guy played by a top-notch actor? Totally the recipe for box office success.

The movie opened last weekend internationally (apparently this is a trend that’s here to stay) to the tune of $31.7 million from only 7 markets. Its not the $200 million that Iron Man 3 made in its international opening weekend, but that was in 33 markets and Into Darkness is up 70% from its predecessor. I will totally take a 70% increase.

The movie is getting very solid reviews: 87% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 73 on MetaCritic (35 positive reviews to just 5 mixed and 1 bad). One last thing about Star Trek: Into Darkness, it actually came out Thursday at midnight. The early numbers aren’t that good (somewhere around $3 million) but it looks like that’s only because this was a last minute change and there wasn’t enough of a heads-up, advertising push for the early release. I think it still does just as strong as it was originally slated to do. How strong? Well, Iron Man and Gatsby will still perform well, so they will certainly vulture some money from Star Trek but I still think it’ll do well.

Prediction: $105 million opening. $385 million total.

*I could totally see this being a break out role for Mr. Cumberbatch. Sure, you know him. I know him. But we spend our days refreshing New York Mag every 10 minutes. There’s a real chance that after this (and being the voice of Smaug) he gets huge rolls from this and ends up on the cover of US Weekly, except they can’t fit his name on the cover so he becomes Benebatch. On second thought, lets hope he doesn’t become a household name and makes Season 3 of Sherlock instead.

Enjoy the weekend. Go see Star Trek: Into Darkness!! Twice! In 3D and IMAX! With 10 Friends!!


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