Iron Man 3 – Liz

So we can definitely pencil this in for at least $300 million. Both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 each made over that mark ($318 and $312, respectively).

The real question is: How much of a ‘The Avengers Bump’ (trademark!) will it get? People are clearly all kinds of excited to see the adventures of their new favorite team of obscure, second tier super heroes. I think the popularity of The Avengers tacks on another $100 million.

Other potential reasons why this movie will explode: (1) Comic book geeks are in the height of their “I’m so pumped they’re making these movies” powers. In 5 years, when Marvel’s cranking out West Coast Avengers, Power Man & Iron Fist, and Ant-Man (What? They’re making that one?), I think geeks will still dutifully head to the theaters, but not in multiple-screening droves like today. (2) The success and, more importantly, shear entertainment value of The Avengers will lead to the “Oh I saw Avengers last year and it was good. Okay I’ll see this” effect on the would be apathetic movie-goer. (3) Lastly, I think The Avengers was one of THE pop culture events of the summer last year, and so people will go see Iron Man 3, not to miss out on what could be this year’s event.*

*Man I wish I wrote this post 7 days ago, I totally would’ve talked myself into selecting Iron Man 3 second overall.

And it looks like I might be right. The early results are looking really positive. Internationally, which doesn’t count for us but here can give us an idea of what to expect, Iron Man 3 has killed. In its first week, it has grossed $307 million. Iron Man didn’t even gross that internationally, TOTAL ($266 million. Iron Man 2 grossed $311 million, so that’s going to get beaten as well.). It’s even broken The Avengers international opening weekend gross of $185 million. Hey, why did Iron Man 3 come out early overseas? Isn’t it usually the other way around? This isn’t Harry Potter. What’s going on?

The only factor that could slow this movie down is how good it is. And nothing’s going to slow it down. Rotten Tomatoes scores it as 77% (73% Top Critics). Oh yeah, and 99% of the 121,000 people in their audience want to see it. Metacritic scores it a 63. There’s also this rave review:

Tack on the fact that there’s nothing competing with it this weekend and Iron Man 3 is going to make a shitload of money. My guess: $150 million opening, $450 million total.

Okay I’m off to find one of those 165,000 jobs that the U.S. economy has added this month.


Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele (2000)

4 thoughts on “Coming Attractions – May 3

  1. Did everyone realize this movie was co-written and directed by Shane Black of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (one of my favorite movies of the last 10 years) and Lethal Weapon fame? Thats nuts

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