I created this space so I could write down ideas for next year, assuming we do this again, to make it better, more fun, more fair, etc. I then thought, after Tanya Triple Wordscore had a couple suggestions in her comments this week, why not post the idea, then open it up to comments so everyone can make suggestions. That way we utilize all 7 brains, instead of just mine. I’m only as smart as the people in the room around me. Remember, these are just ideas. Some might be good and should be implemented next year. Some might be shitty, but can serve as a good brainstorm starter (a brain drizzle, if you will). Some might be good ideas but just won’t work. Its a work in progress. Its basically the Declaration of Independence.

Here are this year’s rules to give you a jumping off point:

2012 Rules

  1. Movies must open after May 3rd and before August 18th.
  2. Scores run through August 31st. But not really. I’ll keep counting after that.
  3. Highest team box office total wins.
  4. All teams have to choose 7 movies.
  5. Draft runs in a snake fashion with team 1 selecting first, then 2, then 3, 4, 5, 6, and then 7. Then 7 again, then 6, 5, 4, and so on, until 1, who selects twice, then 2 selects and repeat until every team has 7 movies.

Ideas for next year
Have an “alternate” movie – a movie that you select in the 8th round that would replace one of your top 7 movies if, and only if, it were to get bumped to a later date, get canceled, or something else, who knows.

Every team must have 1 movie for each month.

Adjusted earnings. There are many ways to do this, but the way I thought of, again after a Tanya Tiger suggestion, is to multiple each movie by the round it was selected. So your first movie’s take would be whatever it gets, but your second round pick’s take would be its total box office multiplied by 2, and your last pick would be multiplied by 7. Another take on this would be to adjust the movies by how many theaters they’re showing in. So, if it’s playing in 4000 theaters the multiplier would be 1, but if its only in like 400 maybe you multiply it by 8.

Put a time limit on movie totals. So whatever that movie makes in say 8 weeks, that’s the total for that movie.

An auction draft.

Additional Categories:

  • Critic Scores
  • Weeks won
  • Actors
  • Actual Revenue (Box Office – Budget)
  • Set a record
  • Average Per Theater Take
  • CinemaScore

5 thoughts on “Ideas for Next Year

  1. Good stuff, my only question is do “big” movies come out Labor Day weekend or is that a dead weekend. Just thought that might want to be included.

  2. I think I missed the fact that scores run through August 31st. I just realized I am screwed with the rest of my picks. Especially Timothy Green, which I was thinking could be a sleeper. Not so sure I like the one movie for each month category, but I would support it if the cut off is August 31st. Which I am beginning to resent. HOW DID I MISS THIS RULE?

  3. So I just put August 31st as an arbitrary date, mainly because we couldn’t settle on one when we were doing the draft. The main consensus seemed to be “We’ll see at the end of August and if the scores are close, we’ll keep the scores going into September.” It wouldn’t be fair if you only got two weeks out of the How to Grow Your Kid in the Garden movie, but if you’re behind by like $200 million, I’m stopping by Labor Day.

    Speaking of Labor Day, there are a couple movies out the last weekend of August and Labor Day weekend, including two Crime Dramas, one with Shia LaBeouf and one with our favorite Possum lover (correction: SECOND favorite), Ryan Gossling. But I’m not about to add new movies to the mix, it would mess everything up and definitely would not be fair.

    Lastly, I, personally, lean towards No on the worldwide box office because the releases are not consistent with the US box office, so it makes it more difficult to track. I do agree that it would be interesting though. It looks like Tanya I’ll have to teach you how to use WordPress.

  4. Ok I’m not at all attached to the foreign earnings. And I feel better about the 31st thing, that makes sense. Also clearly you were trying to prevent Andy from picking the Shia LaBeouf movie because that was originally his first pick and he was asking about why it wasn’t on the list. I smell conspiracy. FIXED! FIXED! (In all serious, I agree Labor Day weekend movies should be kept out because that’s really the beginning of fall).

    Also, wordpress is only fun when you obsessively comment (or is it??).

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