Liz rules with ‘Iron’ fist

This is kinda what my days are like, except I sit next to a dog.

I woke up on Monday and checked my phone to see how well Iron Man 3 did this weekend. I got a little bit of a scare when I saw this headline: ‘Iron Man 3’ Breaks Box-Office Records. Luckily, its a poorly written headline and the article makes no mention of the records Iron Man 3 broke, because it didn’t break any records. It did come really, really close, however, making $174.1 million, the second-most ever for an opening weekend; beating out Harry Potter and the  Deathly Hallows Part 2 by $5 million and falling just $33 million short of The Avengers‘ record.

So the question is: Will Iron Man 3 replicate what The Avengers did last summer?

If you remember, last year The Avengers had little competition for 3 weeks, going up against duds like Think Like a Man, Dark Shadows, Battleship, The Dictator and What to Expect When You’re Expecting*. This year Iron Man 3 is pitted against The Great Gatsby this coming week, Star Trek: Into Darkness the next week, and Fast and Furious 6 the following. So, although Iron Man 3 certainly has the potential to continue winning weekends (I do think it wins again next week), I don’t see it dominating the way that The Avengers did. That said, it’s totally going to make $400 million.

So similar to last year, it looks like its everyone vs. Liz. Unfortunately, since Liz owns The Great Gatsby as well, she’s going to be in first for a while. But, I’m hopeful that this year the movies are going to be a little more even across the board leading to a more competitive summer. One can hope.

*These movies were hardly worth remembering, never mind linking to. Feel free to search BoxOfficeMojo if you want, or the archives!


  1. Liz – $174.1 million
  2. Andy – $0 million
  3. Anna – $0 million
  4. Danielle – $0 million
  5. Rhys – $0 million
  6. Sean – $0 million
  7. Tanya – $0 million

No offense Tanya, its purely alphabetical. I also updated everyone’s team pages (with up to date scores!!). You are welcome to submit team names and mascot photos like last year. Or I’ll pick one for you, because I have WAAAAAYYY too much free time on my hands.

tony stark iron man 3 premiere


One thought on “Sumofale – Week 1

  1. If America likes a human-sized robot fighting stuff $174 million worth, imagine how much they’re going to like BUILDING-sized robots fighting stuff!


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