I’m bet you were all disappointed there was no preview last weekend. I’m sure you were just sitting there refreshing your browser looking for a new post. Well, what were you doing sitting inside on 4th of July weekend? Staying out of the 83,000 degree heat? Yeah, that makes sense. Seriously, it was so hot that Ollie had to pick up his poor little paws when we’d be waiting for the cross signal. It melted my heart it was so sad. Or it was the heat that melted it.

This weekend we saw the release of Despicable Me 2 (trailer), which was good; Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain (trailer), which was good; and The Lone Ranger (trailer), which was soooooo not good.

I don’t think you missed much in terms of me not previewing these three movies. I’m not sure what I would’ve said besides the first Despicable Me went on to make more than $250 million, that Kevin Hart is considered one of the most successful comedians in the world today and was the top selling comedian last year in terms of ticket sales, and that The Lone Ranger looks like a cluster fuck.

You did miss out on the fact that all three of these movies belong to Andy. I could’ve made all kinds of Ménage à Andy jokes. Or Threes Compandy jokes. Or I could’ve had some sort of picture imagining an Andy vs. Andy vs. Andy Triple Threat match, like this one:


So I guess you did miss out on something.

As you could’ve guessed, having three big movies coming out this weekend, plus another weekend of Monsters U, it certainly was a big weekend for Team Andy, and on top of everything, it was a five day holiday weekend.

Let’s start with Despicable Me 2. Despicable Me 2 won the weekend (or whatever this 5 day period was called) with $143.1 million. The last animated movie to make that type of movie in the 5 days following its opening was Toy Story 3 ($141 million), and that went on to make $415 million. For the traditional 3-day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), it pulled in $83.5 million, which is very similar to the success Monsters U had, and is well above the $56.4 million opening the original had. Combine that with a CinemaScore of “A” and this movie is going to make a killing. It will absolutely make $300 million and $400 million is not out of the question.

In second this week was The Lone Ranger. Now, you might be thinking “Second place is pretty good,” but I would say: it made $48.7 million over that five day period. In normal 3-day weekend terms it made $29 million. That puts it a bit more in perspective. Considering how much it cost to make this thing, I’m ready to call this a flop. It got an okay CinemaScore of “B+”, but it’s going to be difficult to overcome the piss poor reviews. Here’s my final take on this movie, they marketed it as “from the team who brought you Pirates of the Caribbean” and “watch Johnny Depp be ridiculous” but the problem was they’ve already made Pirates of the Caribbean. Four times! I think we’re nearing a tipping point where people don’t want to see the same stuff over and over again. Well, unless it involves cartoons, then by all means, feed me more.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a Trifectandy because the other Trueheart got the the third place movie for this weekend. The Heat made $24.7 million in its second weekend. That’s only a 37% decrease which is a great sign. It’s now made $86.3 million and has 4 weeks left. This movie could make $150 million.

Just in case you forgot just for a second that this weekend is quite heavy on the Andy, he scored another victory with Monsters University coming in fourth this weekend. Monsters U made $19.7 million to bring its 3 week total to $218.8 million. This is Pixar’s eleventh movie to break the $200 million mark. It looks like after a hot start, Monsters U has cooled off, which could mean it will struggle to get to $300 million. But, combining this movie with Despicable Me 2, Andy could have a $600 million dollar Voltron to defeat Liz.

Rounding out the top 5 this weekend was World War Z with $18 million. This brings its three week total to $169.2 million. This movie could certainly make $200 million.

White House Down continues to clog the toilet with only $13.5 million this weekend. It still has 4 weekends left, but it looks like it won’t be able to get to $100 million.

Man of Steel, sorry, Man of Steel had a pretty poor weekend, as well, bringing in only $11.4 million. This brings its four week total to $271 million. That’s still pretty good. And with two weeks left, I think it will hit $300 million.

There were two other new releases this week (at least that we care about). Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain became the fourth highest stand-up comedy movie of all time. In its first weekend!  The movie made $18 million in only 876 theaters. Not to make this about Andy again, but this looks like a great pick Andy.

The second new release was The Way, Way Back (trailer) staring the kid who looks like Theon Greyjoy, but isn’t Theon Greyjoy. It also stars some other awesome people I like Sam Rockwell, Allison Janney, Steve Carrell, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. It turns out this movie is really good. It only made $599k, but it was only in 19 theaters ($29k per theater). I think this one could have some legs. A couple million here or there never hurt anybody.


  1. Liz – $541.5 million (4 movies, 2 Done)
  2. Rhys – $471.4 million (5 movies, 2 Done)
  3. Andy – $454.7 million (4 movies)
  4. Anna – $426.1 million (3 movies, 1 Done)
  5. Danielle – $294.8 million (4 movies, 3 Done)
  6. Sean – $223.1 million (5 movies, 2 Done)
  7. Tanya – $199.9 million (2 movies, 1 Done)

Well Holy Crap. The Trilandogy made an almost $300 million dollar jump this week. That’s pretty insane. I guess he really was just biding his time ALL OF MAY AND JUNE and lulling us to sleep. Well he picked his spot and is less than $100 million off the lead. Liz by the way only made $1 million this weekend, so now’s the time for someone (probably Andy) to catch her. And actually I can’t believe how close it is at the top. This might end up being an exciting summer after all.

Until Friday…


4 thoughts on “Sumofale – Week 10

  1. Upon reading this post, the following text message conversation occured:

    Me: You need to make that your profile picture.
    Andy: But it shows my boooooooobs.

    That is all.

  2. Yo that dude in the long sleeve T is about to get knocked the fuck out

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