Yeah, the joke’s on us. You made a piece of crap and somehow got people to go see it.

Despicable Me 2 won its second weekend in a row, pulling in another $43.9 million. It fell 47%, a number similar to how Monsters University performed in its second weekend. Despicable Me 2 is benefiting big time from the July 4th holiday lead-up to its first official weekend. Monsters U and Despicable Me 2 both made about $80 million in their first weekend and $40 million the next, but Monsters U sits at $239 million in 4 weeks and Despicable Me 2 is at $228 million through 12 days! It’s on pace to outmake the original Despicable Me ($251.5 million) by Friday. If it keeps up this pace, it’s going to make $350 million, which would make it the second largest grossing movie of the summer.

In second place this weekend was… sigh… groan… Grown Ups 2. I can’t freaking believe it, Grown Ups 2 made $46.3 million. Who the hell went to go see this movie?!? Apparently, the audience was 53% female and 54% under the age of 25, meaning: families. Grown Ups 2 becomes the fourth biggest opening for Adam Sandler and his best opening in more than two years. Although the opening is slightly better than the original, Grown Ups 2 shouldn’t match the $162 million mark made by Grown Ups; it got a pretty bad CinemaScore of “B”* and the reviews were catastrophic. More importantly, the original Grown Ups opened before the July 4th weekend, so it received an added  box office bump. This will not be so lucky. Still, it should make at least $100 million.

*I guess CinemaScores work kinda like grad school, where A’s are good, B’s are just okay, and C’s shouldn’t happen

In third was Pacific Rim. I really thought big things were going to happen with this movie. I guess you can’t ever shake that Crowley stink once you get it on you. It managed to make only $38.3 million. It did get a decent CinemaScore (A-) and did get good reviews (so, pretty much the exact opposite of Grown Ups 2), which would suggest that this movie should have some legs going forward. I do think that this movie would’ve fared much better if it was the only movie to blow up entire cities this summer, instead of the sixth.

The Heat came in fourth this weekend bringing in $14 million. Through four weeks, The Heat has made $112.4 million and should end up being this summer’s highest grossing live-action comedy with over $150 million.

Rounding out the top five was The Lone Ranger. After an already terrible opening weekend, The Lone Ranger fell 61% this weekend to bring in a measly $11.5 million. This brings its two week total to $71.5 million. It will be a struggle to reach $100 million.

I can’t really find anything else interesting about this weekend’s box office results. Besides the fact that one of us should’ve taken Fruitvale Station, staring Michael B. Jordan. That movie made $386k from just 7 theaters.

The Internship and The Purge (‘member those?) went out with a whimper this weekend, making $217k and $161k, respectively. This weekend puts their final totals at $43.3 million for The Internship and $63.9 million for The Purge.


  1. Andy – $583.8 million (4 movies)
  2. Liz – $542 million (4 movies, 2 Done)
  3. Rhys – $479.2 million (5 movies, 3 Done)
  4. Anna – $436.3 million (3 movies, 2 Done)
  5. Danielle – $358.9 million (4 movies, 3 Done)
  6. Sean – $287.7 million (6 movies, 3 Done)
  7. Tanya – $227 million (2 movies, 1 Done)

Wow. Big things just happened. With Liz only increasing her total by half a million this weekend she was primed for the taking. And Andy took that number one spot like it was his all along. Andy made a combined $130 million this weekend from Despicable Me 2, Monsters U, The Lone Ranger, and Kevin Hart. It kinda looks like this is Andy’s Sumofale to lose, both he and Liz have 4 movies already released, but none of Andy’s have reached the six week mark yet, whereas two of Liz’s have. It looks like Andy’s going to run away with this thing.

Sean also looks like he’s cemented a last place finish. He already has had six of his movies released and is holding onto sixth place. Tanya, even though she’s in last, only has two movie releases, with Elysium still to come. She should be out of her hole by mid-August. And Sean will be there to fall into it.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Sumofale – Week 11

  1. i love the heat! the movie, not this miserable weather. also, i’m only letting sean not be in last place because it’s his birthday. happy birthday… i hope the conjuring brings me out of the hole.

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