I wonder what’s in that box. Oh my god! No I don’t!! I bet its wicked scary!

The Conjuring dominated in what was an otherwise tepid weekend. The Conjuring made $41.9 million in its debut. It actually set a record for the most money made by an R-rated horror movie. With good reviews and an excellent CinemaScore of “A-“, The Conjuring should make a good run and could reach $100 million.

In second place this weekend was Despicable Me 2, with another $24.9 million. This brings its three week total to $276 million. Despicable Me 2 is now the eight highest grossing animated movie ever. It should break the $300 million mark by this weekend.

Third this weekend was the other anima—“A SNAIL CANNOT RACE IN A COMPETITION MEANT FOR CARS” ahem, animated movie, Turbo. Turbo pulled in $21.3 million this weekend. You know its a bad sign for an animated movie when in its first weekend it can’t beat Despicable Me 2 in its third. This is Dreamworks’ (Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda) worst openning since Flushed Away ($18.8 million) in 2006. Yes, this movie’s numbers are as bad as a movie about a rat getting flushed down the toilet. ‘Nuff said.

In fourth, sigh, Grown Ups 2. Why won’t this die? It brought in $19.8 million this weekend, bringing its two week total to $79 million. This is totally going to make $100 million, maybe even by the weekend, and could even make $150 million. That means they’re probably going to make a third one. Uggghhhh!!

In fourth this weekend with $18 million, we have Red 2. Still, I have nothing to say about this movie. It got lackluster reviews, then put up lackluster numbers this weekend. This is pretty bad for an opening weekend, I don’t see this coming anywhere near $100 million.

In disappointing news: Pacific Rim made $16 million in its second weekend. That puts its two week total at $68 million. I think this tells us that people are pretty fatigued by the current crop of “let’s blow up an entire city” summer blockbusters, because this movie is actually good. Oh well, its not like we have to put up with this for years to come.

Speaking of disappointing: R.I.P.D. opened to $12.7 million. With terrible reviews and a poor CinemaScore of “C+” this one is dead on arrival. Seriously, this is worse than After Earth. This is not just a Flopasaurus Rex, but a Crapasaurus Rex.

In small movie news: The Way, Way Back expanded to another 225 theaters and made another $2.2 million. This brings its total to $4.6 million, to my delight. Fruitvale Station made another $739k, to everyone’s disappointment.


Ending their six week runs this weekend were Man of Steel and This is the End. Man of Steel ended with $285 million and 285 million hearts in his muscly arms. This is the End ended just short of $100 million ($94.8 million).


  1. Andy – $663.6 million (5 movies)
  2. Liz – $542.1 million (4 movies, 2 Done)
  3. Rhys – $484.5 million (5 movies, 4 Done)
  4. Anna – $476.9 million (4 movies, 3 Done)
  5. Danielle – $419.5 million (6 movies, 3 Done)
  6. Sean – $324.1 million (6 movies, 3 Done)
  7. Tanya – $295.6 million (3 movies, 1 Done)

Whuh oh! Andy’s running away with this thing. It doesn’t even matter if R.I.P.D. sucks (another reason it sucks: its title is all capital letters with periods in between. That’s a total bitch to type!). Andy literally has animation domination. Anna and I are separated by only $8 million and are battling over third place, which is awkward. Tanya didn’t get the chance to move out of last place, but with only a $30 million difference and Two Guns opening next weekend, she should pass him by next weekend.

I will do my best to write a preview for this weekend, even though I’m going to Newport. Maybe I’ll dictate it to Ollie while we drive home. He can type while he sits shotgun:

photo (2)


One thought on “Sumofale – Week 12

  1. In light of my recent success, I have decided to leave this small market and take my talents to South Beach *cough* er, Boston? du’oh

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