The Not-Great-Enough-To-Beat-Iron-Man-3-But-Still-Pretty-Great Gatsby


Iron Man 3 ruled the box office once again this weekend with $72 million. The 58% decline is a bit drastic compared to The Avengers fall of 50%, but the movie is still the fourth fastest movie to $250 million ever and is poised to make over $400 million. Internationally, Iron Man 3 is killing it and will clearly make well over $1 billion, as it is currently sitting at $949 million worldwide.

More good news for Liz: The Great Gatsby became the fifth highest grossing movie that opened second in the box office. In other words, of all the movies that came in second place in its opening weekend, The Great Gatsby was fifth among those.  The movie apparently did very well with the ladies: 59% of the audience was female. Sources sited Leonardo DiCaprio’s “dreaminess.”

This good news for Liz means bad news for everyone else, as we are all going to have to climb out of a $300 million hole. Making things worse for everyone, this weekend’s other movies did not perform well. At all. Peeples did terribly at the box office making only $4.6 million. This is the worst movie opening for Tyler Perry ever, coming way under his previous low made by Daddy’s Little Girls ($11.2 million). Earlier, I tweeted (That’s right Sumofale on twitter! Because… why not?) a link to this article which tries to come up with answers for why no one went to see this Tyler Perry movie, when most of his movies open at an average of $20 million. I think it boils down to these two things: There was better fare in the theaters (Iron Man and Gatsby) and Peeples was bad. Case closed.

As for Aftershock, I had to do some serious Googling to find box office information about it, which is never a good sign. After much scouring, I found one report of $40k. Turns out I way overshot an already pretty low prediction. It’ll be lucky if it makes half a million.


  1. Liz – $284.9 million
  2. Danielle – $4.6 million
  3. Sean – $.040 million
  4. Andy – $0 million
  5. Rhys – $0 million
  6. Anna – $0 million
  7. Tanya – $0 million

Liz has a huge head start, but these next two weeks are going to be big. I’ve got Star Trek: Into Darkness this coming week and EPIC the following. Also opening in two weeks, Danielle’s got Fast and Furious 6 and Tanya’s got The Hangover Part III. Plus, Liz doesn’t have another nationwide release until August. Two weeks from now this could be a whole lot more interesting. Well, unless you’re Andy, who doesn’t have a movie coming out until late June.

Until Friday, Sumofale!

5 thoughts on “Sumofale – Week 2

    1. I won’t take this blog seriously until you start asking the tough questions: Why isn’t LOVELACE being released in that high frame rate thing like THE HOBBIT? Where is the IMAX and 3D support?

      Who’s behind the conspiracy?

      Were you just being mean when you extended the scoring totals into the hundredths?

  1. I do realize it looks kinda mean. It was purely because I hated writing the exact amount (eg. $567,894,764) for everyone’s totals. So I decided this year I’d just put the totals in millions. Unfortunately Aftershock only made .04 million.

    1. My cool .040 mil puts me in third place. I fear it is all downhill from here.

  2. I really put too much faith in the Tyler Perry name. Dammit! I bet it’ll do better than Lovelace in the end….I mean lovelace is going to do great Sean you’re golden!

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