Star Trek Number 1 for the Weekend. Box Office numbers resemble a Number 2.

I feel like this image of a sinking ship is fitting for my team. Once again!!!

Not a good weekend for Team Frankenstein Dinkledorf. First, I made a mistake by trying to fix a mistake. Then, Star Trek: Into Darkness had what all reports are describing as a “disappointing weekend” falling short of the $100 million predictions and even falling short of the original Star Trek‘s opening weekend. Even after opening early and adding two days to its box office draw, it only managed $83.7 million. Business Insider had a great side-by-side comparison of the two movies:

star trek vs star trek into darkness

What was the reason for the “failure”? Was it the gratuitous girl-standing-in-a-bra scene that the writer has had to apologize for, even though Gwyneth Paltrow spent the last 30 minutes of Iron Man 3 in a sports bra and she’s getting high fives for being in shape?

Probably not. It seems to be that Star Trek does not resonate with younger views. Only 25% of this weekend’s audience was under the age of 25. Compare that to Iron Man 3‘s 45% under 25. Somehow it has become okay to be a comic book geek, but it is still not okay to be a Trekkie.

Liz continues her early season dominance tacking on another $35.7 million from Iron Man 3 and $23.9 million from The Great Gatsby. In case you were wondering, The English Teacher made $6k on 2 screens. Not a strong start for… well, I was going to say D-Money, but its pretty safe to say we’re all sucking it up pretty bad. 


  1. Liz – $428.2 million
  2. Rhys – $83.7 million
  3. Danielle – $7.8 million
  4. Sean – $58k
  5. Andy – $0
  6. Anna – $0
  7. Tanya – $0

I’m trying to drum up some excitement yet again in hopes of something interesting happening over the next few weeks. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, a huge weekend for movies in general (people still think of as the official start of summer and summer movie season), and for the Summer Movie Fantasy League. We’ve got Fast and Furious 6 (D-Money) going up against The Hangover: Part III (T-Boz). EPIC (Frankenstein Dinkledorf) hopes there will still be some food left for the kiddie table. Don’t sleep on Penguins 3D (Lovelace Larry), either. Plus, Iron Man, Gatsby and Star Trek all look to pick up another chunk of change that weekend. I’ll get more into those movies’ chances on Friday. Until then…



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