This is an actual scene from Fast and Furious 6. Is there any doubt that this movie made money?

Somewhere between backyard barbecues and Arrested Development binge-streaming sessions1, people found time to go to the movies this weekend. A lot of people. Like a record breaking amount of people. Like over $300 million worth of people. And many of those people went to go see Fast and Furious 6.

Fast and Furious 6 pulled in $117 million this long weekend. A number that makes it the new 4th best four-day Memorial Day weekend opening ever, replacing The Hangover: Part II. It also enjoys the 6th highest single day gross for a Monday. FF6 had the best opening weekend of any Fast and Furious movie, beating out Fast Five by about $10 million. This is a good sign, considering Fast Five made $209 million.

There was still plenty of money to go around this weekend, even after Fast and Furious 6 crushed it. The Hangover: Part III grossed $50.3 million this Memorial Day weekend, a number that can be considered a disappointment compared to Part II‘s $85 million. It’s like that old adage: “Hangover once, shame on you. Hangover twice, shame on me. Hangover three times, nope!” Or something like that.

Star Trek: Into Darkness had a good second weekend, making $47 million. That’s only a 33% drop from last weekend which is pretty good compared to most movies’ 50% drop from its opening weekend to its second2. Star Trek has now made $155 million in 2 weeks. I think we can tone down the talk of this being a disappointment.

Coming in fourth this weekend, was EPIC with $42 million, which did better than I thought it would. I guess it doesn’t even matter if a movie is good. If it’s animated and you gear it towards kids, they will go see it (and their parents will have to bring them and pay for a ticket too).

In fifth and sixth place this weekend were Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby, respectively, totaling more the $40 million combined. I mention them together because they both belong to Liz and both have been out for a little while. Iron Man 3 has two more weekends left for Liz and looks like it will earn her over $400 million. Gatsby is at the half-way point and looks like it could break $150 million. 

It’s worth mentioning Before Midnight made $247k this weekend from 5 theaters. That’s a per theater average of $49k. This puts it in the territory of movies from last year like: The BEMH, Moonrise Kingdom, and To Rome with Love. Though, it’s hard to tell how well its going to do. BEMH was more widely released (for a small indie) so it had a lower per theater average, but made $737k in its opening weekend, and went on to make $46 million. Moonrise was just as small as Midnight, but made a way bigger splash, opening to $522k and averaging $171k per theater. That went on to make $45 million. This means you could expect a $40ish million box office gross for Before Midnight, right? But, Rome only made $16 million after making $540k on a similar amount of theaters (5, averaging $108k per theater). So who knows? This will probably all be moot however, since its D-Money’s alternate and might never come into play3.


  1. Liz – $490.6 million
  2. Rhys – $198.8 million
  3. Danielle – $126 million
  4. Tanya – $62.1 million
  5. Sean – $58k
  6. Andy – $0
  7. Anna – $0

Once again, Liz is in a commanding lead but at least there’s a lot more of us on the scoreboard this week. Danielle and I are in a tight-ish race for second, though she has 3 movies playing and I have only 2. Its nice to see Tanya on the board so early in the year. And Sean is… well, Sean is… you see… Sean’s team… is… not… very good. But! He does have 3 movies that could make at least $100 million each (After Earth, World War Z and Pacific Rim) and, more importantly, they look like the type of movie that could make $100 million regardless of if they suck or not.

Well, that’s it for this week. Be back in a couple days (short week!), until then…



1I really like Arrested Development and enjoy the having it back, but there were times this weekend where I couldn’t help feeling like The Internet gave me a 7 and 1/2 hour homework assignment. Jump

2Yes, yes, I know it had a low-ish opening weekend, which could explain why there would be less of a decline between week one and week two. Or you could just shut up. Jump

3On a related note, after some back and forth, my editor (Anna) persuaded me to report on the alternates, as well as everyone’s main seven movies, because it’ll be interesting to see what could have been. Also it helps with consistency: If someone loses a movie, they won’t just jump a couple million out of nowhere, the rest of the league should have an idea of where everyone stands. So, I went back and looked up Erased. its Box Office gross, so far, is ‘Not Applicable’. So, that’s taken care of! Consider yourself informed. Jump

3 thoughts on “Sumofale – Week 4

  1. Worst. Hangover. Ever. Or so I’m told. Also, hatred for M. Night Shyamalan and the Pinkett-Smith kids aside, After Earth looks pretty cool.

  2. My total score is less than what appears after the decimal point in Liz’s score. I am a rounding error.

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