Yes, there was no escaping the Floposaurus Rex this weekend. The star power and budgets were high. But, the critical ratings and box office were low. Very low. The lowest box office gross for a Will Smith action movie ever, and was his worst summer opening in 20 years. after-earth

It was a second straight box office victory as Fast and Furious 6 took first place once again this weekend. In what was a generally low weekend at the box office, Fast and Furious 6 fell 64% to make $35 million. That’s still enough to bring its total to $171 million.

In second place this weekend was surprise hit Now You See Me, bringing in $29.3 million. Even though this box office take wouldn’t be considered high compared to many other summer movies, it is still promising in a weekend that was guaranteed to be a let down after a record breaking Memorial Day weekend. Now You See Me exceeded expectations (competition was stiff and, let’s face it, the movie’s about magicians) as well as earned a CinemaScore of A-, which bodes well for word of mouth and people seeing it in the future. I think it serves as good counter programing to the current crop of superhero (MoS, Iron Man), action (FF6), and comedy (Hangover, Internship) fare, and will continue to draw a good audience.

In third place, After Earth was an utter disappointment and can be considered a flop at this point. It’s already being compared to John Carter and Battleship, which is pretty much a kiss of death (its opening gross of $27.5 million falls squarely between Battleship‘s $25 million and John Carter‘s $30 million, which is fun, because I get to link to this picture from last year). You can’t shake the stink of those two movies, believe me, I know. Which is why I’m so proud to pass the torch for this year’s Flop of The Year to Sean.

Every other already-released movie this weekend fell by at least 50%. Coming in fourth, fifth, and sixth this weekend and all making around $16 million, Star Trek Into Darkness fell 55%, Epic fell 50%, and The Hangover Part III fell 60% (yikes!). Star Trek‘s total was enough to bring its total to $181 million. The Hangover 3 is majorly underperforming, so far making only $88 million, a number that is far below what both previous Hangover movies had made at this point.

Liz’s dynamic duo of Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby each fell by at least 50%, as well. The two added another $8 million and $6 million, respectively, to Liz’s total. Also adding to Liz’s total was The East, making $77k this weekend. The total was only from 4 theaters, (one of which was the surprisingly nice Landmark Sunshine) giving it an average of $19k per theater.


  1. Liz – $513.8 million (3 movies)
  2. Rhys – $247.9 million (2 movies)
  3. Danielle – $180 million (3 movies)
  4. Tanya – $88.5 million (1 movie)
  5. Anna – $29.6 million (1 movie)
  6. Sean – $27.5 million (3 movies)
  7. Andy – $0 (0 movies)

Liz continues to dominate, I managed to fight off Danielle for a firm grasp on second place, Tanya is comfortably in fourth, Anna and Sean (whose total is now in millions!) fight over fifth, and Andy still doesn’t have a movie out yet.

It seems like we all missed the boat on Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, which opened to $1.5 million this weekend in the US. The movie is the biggest opening in India this year and is on pace to be one of their biggest movies ever. Its made over Rs. 62.11 crore. Right? That’s a lot! Oh okay, a crore is equal to ten million rupees. Since 1 rupee equals about 2 cents, this movie has made over $13 million in India this weekend. This would’ve counted as a limited release too.

We’re heading into what looks like a slow weekend next week with only The Internship, The Purge and Much Ado About Nothing opening. But, not too far down the pike are Man of Steel, World War Z and Andy’s first movie of the summer, Monster University.

So long until Friday!



One thought on “Sumofale – Week 5

  1. Will Smith has lost his touch!! Anyone want to see the Internship next week? I have a soft spot for the Vaughn/Wilson duo.

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