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Man of Steel set a new record for the highest opening for a movie in June (previously held by Toy Story 3) with $128.7 million. The movie pulled in $116.6 million over the traditional Friday-Sunday weekend and another $12 million on Thursday night alone. Man of Steel is now the second highest opening of the year behind the mammoth Iron Man 3 (which opened to $174 million). It was also the second highest non-sequel opening ever behind The Hunger Games (I’m thinking The Avengers counts as a sequel since its part of a larger franchise). The movie received a CinemaScore of “A-” which bodes well for word of mouth and future movie gross. I’d say this movie will make at least $300 million and could even go on to make $350 million.

Since all of us sumofalers who are not in London went to see it this weekend, I thought I’d give Sean and Liz a brief description of Man of Steel:

Tiny bit of plot embedded in a HUGE action scene. Then another action scene. Then some plot. Followed by more action scenes, a little bit of plot, more action, some exposition, action, action, plot, ACTION, plot, ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, ACTIONACTIONACTIONACTIONACTIONACTIONACOIANTOIJ:GHOIRMUILNFIOSDM


Our general consensus seemed to be that overall, it was just okay. Comments included:

  • “There were parts of that movie that I really liked, and parts of it that I really didn’t like”
  • “Dreamboat”
  • “It was entertaining (shoulder shrug)”
  • “That is one handsome man”
  • “That was the loudest movie I’ve ever seen”
  • “I think I’m in love”

Coming in second this weekend was This is the End. The movie made $33 million after adding in Wednesday’s and Thursday’s gross of $12 million. Compared to Man of Steel, this is a pretty small number. However, remember that The Purge won the weekend last weekend with $34 million (more on The Purge later in the post. Spoiler). This is the End nearly made that going up against the second biggest movie of the summer. Combine that with positive reviews and a semi-solid CinemaScore (B+), this movie should have some life. $100 million could be in reach, if its really lucky.

In third this weekend, Now You See Me made another $11 million. This puts the movie’s total at $80 million. This is the movie’s third week, which means Anna’s Team gets three more weeks from one of this summer’s surprise hits. Three weeks should absolutely put its total over $100 million.

Fast and Furious 6 came in fourth place this weekend with $9.6 million, which brings its total to $219.7 million. With 2 weeks left for D-Money, it looks like FF6 will end up around $240 million.

Rounding out the top 5, was The Purge1 falling 71% to bring in only $8.3 million this weekend. This is only the second weekend for The Purge, which has made $52 million so far, but a 71% drop off does not bode well for future production. Although, it may continue in the $8-9 million per week range because its really the only horror fare out there unless you count World War Z. Or Grown-Ups 2.

Now for the rest of the top 10:

#6. The Internship fell another 60% in its second weekend to make $7.2 million ($31.1 million total). Although its only been out for 2 weeks, the low open plus this weekend’s drastic drop off makes for a pretty bad outlook for The Internship. I think it’ll be lucky to make $50 million for Anna’s Team.

#7. EPIC made $6.3 million, which brings its total to $95.7 million. This is EPIC’s fourth weekend, so its going to break the $100 million mark. And that’s about it. Next weekend sees the release of Monsters U (and Despicable Me 2 not far after that). I wouldn’t be surprised if EPIC drops to $1-2 million next weekend. But, this proves that animated movies are good for a guaranteed $100 million.

#8. Dropping about 50% and making $6.3 million this weekend was Star Trek Into Darkness. Star Trek‘s total gross is now at $210 million. With one weekend left for Frankenstein Dinkledorf, Star Trek may reach $220 million, which actually sucks, because that’s basically only half of what the movie picked immediately after it (Iron Man 3) made.

#9. Falling 65% from an already poor second weekend, After Earth pulled in $4 million. This brings After Earth‘s three week total to $54.5 million. Lovelace Larry still has three weeks of After Earth left, but its incredible downward spiral may lead to three more weeks of nothing.

#10. Iron Man 3. Past the 6 week mark, so… nothing!

The Great Gatsby made $1.7 million in its sixth and final weekend. The six week total gives Liz’s Team $140 million to add to her $394 million from Iron Man 3. We all have some serious catching up to do.

In small movie news:

  • The Bling Ring opened in 5 theaters and made $213k. That’s an average of $42k per theater. It’s supposed to open nationwide next weekend, but I’ll keep an eye on how many theaters it really opens in (ie. If it opens “nationwide” but only in like 250 additional theaters, I’ll still consider it a limited release).
  • The East moved into 74 additional theaters and improved on last weekend’s gross by 24%. This weekend added $288k to bring its three week total to $709k.
  • Much Ado About Nothing was added to 18 theaters but actually fell 6% and made $161k. Much Ado‘s two week total is now at $388k. (Fun Fact about this movie that I learned this weekend: It was filmed in like 12 days and was shot at Joss Whedon’s house.)


  1. Liz – $535.2 million (4 movies, 2 Done)
  2. Rhys – $391 million (4 movies)
  3. Anna – $240.5 million (3 movies)
  4. Danielle – $229 million (3 movies)
  5. Tanya – $108 million (1 movie)
  6. Sean – $54.9 million (4 movies)
  7. Andy – $0 (0 movies)

Going from the bottom to the top:

  • Andy (I refuse to link to his team; it says $0.) remains the most boring team ever as its now been 7 weeks without a release. Next week sees his first movie and its a big one: Monsters University. But still, 8 weeks? That’s 2 months! Come on man. By this time last year, everyone had at least 2 movies going (and Danielle already had $600 million). Get in the game!
  • I think it’s a good thing Sean’s on vacation. He can take a break from his crap team, drink some tea, eat some scones, have a couple pints, see the crown jewels and do other “proper” British things. Then he can come back when World War Z comes out, which, by the way, looks like it’s both getting good reviews and going to be popular.
  • Tanya’s one movie, The Hangover Part III, seems to have stalled at around $108. With 2 weeks left it’ll be lucky to get $120 million. However, it looks like she’s in good shape; she’s hanging around and everyone else has three or four movies to her one.
  • Lucky for Danielle she’s got Die Hard: Tatum Edition coming out in two weeks. Her team is sputtering: Peeple’s has stalled at $9 million with one week remaining, The English Teacher isn’t making anything and Fast 62 has only 2 weeks left.
  • This week Anna made the jump from fifth to third. I think she’s got a good chance at making another jump, since MoS has at least another $150 million left in its tank. Plus, she’ll have a guaranteed $100 million thanks to “a snail cannot race in a competition with cars!”
  • I’m a little worried about my team. Although I’m in sitting comfortably in second, Star Trek is almost dead with $211 million, EPIC is about to become nonexistent thanks to Monsters U, and even though The Purge and This is The End were considered surprise hits, they’ll struggle to make $100 million. I think this is the best its going to get.
  • Then there’s Liz. With Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby done, Liz is pretty much going to stay where she is for a while. The rest of her team is made up of three independent movies and then Kick-Ass 2 (the original only made $50 million) and The To-Do List. It looks like the first team to break the $600 million mark will win this thing3.

Okay, its a pretty big weekend next week, so until then…



1I was talking to my barber yesterday and he goes: “Have you seen that movie The Purge?”
I was like, “Oh, I don’t like scary movies.”
And he goes, “It’s not Even that scary a movie, it’s more like a stupid movie.”
I was disappointed in him. But then he gave me a decent haircut. So he regained my respect. Jump

2This movie my barber liked. Jump

3If it turns out to be Liz, we’re going to have to totally rehaul this thing, because that means if you own the  first-weekend-in-May, Marvel movie, you win. Although, there looks like there won’t be a early may, marvel movie next year. Jump

4When you search Google Images for “Henry Cavill” the options are: “2012”, “Ripped”, “Shirtless”, and “Tudors” Jump

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