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A headline so nice, I had to use it twice!

Oh man, I’m going to try not to let this go to my head, but my predictions last week were really good. Box Office Mojo, here’s my resume! Salary requirements are… Money, and lots of it. Seriously, my estimation for Monsters University was only off by $10 million, or less than 13% and my World War Z estimation was off by only $1 million! I’m getting really good at this skill that will do nothing for me in life except entertain 6 of my closest friends.

Monsters University won the weekend with $82.4 million. The opening was Pixar’s second highest opening ever, behind Toy Story 3 ($110 million). It also was the 15th straight time a Pixar movie has been number one at the box office in its opening weekend. Receiving a very good CinemaScore of “A”, Monsters U is going to continue to do very well, already making $100 million through today and it looks like $250 million is in reach.

In second this weekend, with $66 million, was World War Z. Turns out this box office draw was second all time for movies coming in second on their opening weekend. (The shit they track on Box Office Mojo!) It’s currently sitting at $75 million and could be close to $100 by next weekend. With a solid “B+” CinemaScore, WWZ will be good enough to get Sean back in the game. There’s a joke about Sean being dead then coming back to life and the whole zombie thing in here somewhere. But in the interest of time I’ll let you fill it in…

Hahahaha! I was so funny just then, right? Okay moving on to this guy:


Poor Superman. Poor, poor, beautiful, gorgeous, ripped Superman. Man of Steel fell 65% to make only $41.3 million. This puts its two week total at $210 million. Anna gets four more weeks with the ruggedly handsom superhero, then the honeymoon’s over! Back to lame, not that strong, pasty Rhys. I do think $300 million is doable though. And speaking of doable…


Rounding out the top 5 is This is the End with $13.3 million ($58 million total) and Now You See Me with $7.9 million ($94 million total). Now You See Me has 2 weekends left and will clearly end up with over $100 million.

Lightning Round!

  • Fast and Furious 6 tacked on another $5 million to bring its five week total to $228 million.
  • The Purge ($60.1 million total) and The Internship ($38.8 million total) each made about $3.5 million this weekend. They each have three weekends left.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness made $3.1 million in its final weekend. It retires at $217 million.
  • The Bling Ring expanded into another 645 theaters this weekend. (So, not a nationwide release) It pulled in $2 million.
  • EPIC fell 71% to grab only $1.7 million this weekend. I called this one too!! I am smart!! It has one weekend left, mercifully.
  • After Earth failed to even make $1 million this weekend. This is its fourth weekend and it only made $940k. It has made $57.5 million total.
  • Tyler Perry Presents Peeples retired as well this weekend, failing to make $10 million ($9.2 million).


  1. Liz – $538.6 million (4 movies, 2 Done)
  2. Rhys – $442.4 million (4 movies, 1 Done)
  3. Anna – $365 million (3 movies)
  4. Danielle – $239.2 million (3 movies, 1 Done)
  5. Sean – $141 million (4 movies, 2 Done)
  6. Tanya – $110.2 million (1 movie)
  7. Andy – $105.3 (1 movie)

Andy and Tanya hanging out at the bottom, each with one movie, separated by less than $5 million. It’s so cute. Or gross. Whatever your preferences are. See Andy, things are way more interesting when you actually play the game.

No time for further analysis, mostly because sitting with a charging laptop in my lap on a 90 degree day is becoming too uncomfortable, no matter how much the A/C pumps.

Here’s a little preview of Friday’s column:



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  1. Everyone must be sure to take a look at the formatting of Rhys’s resume.

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