Ohhhh man! After nailing last week’s predictions (with one only missing by a million) I was feeling good. Then this week rolled around. Going 3 for 4 has got me feeling even better! Granted, I thought White House Down would end up beating The Heat, but I wasn’t that convinced (I had them within $5 million of each other). Still, I’m feeling pretty good about my predictions this week. So good I feel like I’m this (the sound is the most important part of this clip):

“He’s Heating Up!”

Winning the weekend, just like I said it would, and down only 44% was Monsters University. Monsters U pulled in another $45.6 million this weekend to bring its 2 week total to $170 million. Right now, it’s on pace to be the second biggest Pixar movie ever behind Toy Story 3 ($415 million). The $170 million is better than what Finding Nemo made through two weeks ($144 million), and that went on to make $339 million (though it was over a period of greater than 6 months). I think $300 million is definitely in range. It will be interesting to see how well it performs going forward, however, since next week sees the release of Despicable Me 2.


Speaking of Monsters U (and me being right yet again!), remember two weeks ago when I was previewing it and I was talking about how disappointed I was in Pixar for making sequels and you were all “Shut the fuck up Rhys, I love Monsters Inc and Mike and Sully and Boo and I can’t get enough. I’m gonna be first in line for this one and I already can’t wait for Finding Dorry!”? Well, it turns out Pixar agrees with me and wants to go back to more original fare. Oh man, the view is so clear up here in my ivory tower and the staircase is paved with artistic integrity. It’s just me and WALL-E, The Incredibles, Merida, the old guy from Up and the mouse-rat from Ratatouille.

“Is it the Shoes?!”

Coming in second this weekend, and only off by $4 million of my prediction was The Heat. The Heat brought in $39.1 million. This was Sandra Bullock’s highest ever opening, beating out The Blind Side. It also beat out Identity Thief (surprise!) to become Melissa McCarthy’s highest opening as well. The movie received an “A-” CinemaScore, which is good enough coupled with a lack of real competition, in terms of comedies, to bring this movie some beaucoup bucks. Bridesmaids opened to $26 million and went on to make $169 million. I think the word-of-mouth, groundswell was a little bit stronger for that movie but I can see The Heat having similar success; $150 million, at least.

“Razzle Dazzle!”

World War Z came in third this weekend with $29.7 million. It was a 55% slip from last weekend, which actually isn’t so bad considering most summer-action movies fall 50%. There was a fear that it would fall more like a traditional horror movie from week one to week two (e.g. The Purge fell more than 75% from week one to week two, remember?), but it didn’t. WWZ has now made $123.7 million through two weekends. $200 million seems just out of reach.

“Can’t buy a bucket!”

This is where I messed up. I thought people would go see Channing Tatum plus explosions (which is actually a better equation than the one I came up with). Turns out, I was way off. White House Down opened in fourth this weekend to only $24.8 million. To steal a joke I heard by someone who’s paid to do this type of analysis: “White House Down did not do very well, because once Gerard Butler sits down to the table and eats, there’s no more food. You can’t eat where Gerard Butler ate. (which is true!) They didn’t make a Chasing Mavericks-type movie after Gerard Butler got on those waves did they?” I think the point is that the people who wanted to see the White House blow up, got to see the White House blow up two months ago, so why go see this movie? It’s not like Channing Tatum gets naked.

Speaking of “He’s on Fire!”…


He’s so hot, he’s on fire! But only in a “handsome, huge-muscly body” way. Not in a “he’s the hippest, hottest thing” way, because Man of Steel is slowly fading. It did make $20.7 million this weekend, which puts its total at $248 million. That total is enough to make it the second highest grossing movie of the year. It looks like $300 million is in play, but it will still be far behind Iron Man 3‘s $394 million.

By the way, Anna said in my original breakdown about Man of Steel that there was “not enough pictures of Superman.” That is why you have been seeing at least one picture of the handsome beau in blue every week.


There was a huge drop off between the top 5 movies and the rest. The next highest grossing movie after Man of Steel this weekend was This is The End, only making $8.7 million. This puts its 3 week total at $74.8 million, making $100 million possible.

Now You See Me tacked on another $5 million. It has one more weekend left to add on to its $104 million total.

The Purge and The Internship each made a little over $1 million in their fourth weeks. This puts their totals at $62.7 and $41.7 million, respectively.

After Earth only made $323k this weekend. It made less than Much Ado About Nothing ($572k) even though it’s in more theaters. The number of theaters After Earth is in is dwindling fast and currently sits at 331, so rush out and see it if you were planning on seeing it! Poor After Earth, its so bad that its actually not enjoyable to make fun of it.

“It’s all over!”

  • It was the sixth and final weekend for Fast and Furious 6. It made an additional $2 million. This brings its grand, six week total to $233 million.
  • Epic only managed to make $820k this weekend facing Monsters U again. It has mercifully been put down, totaling $103 million.
  • The Hangover Part III rung every penny out of that old, disgusting washcloth, making $346k this weekend. Its six week total is $110 million.


  1. Liz – $540.3 million (4 movies, 2 Done)
  2. Rhys – $458.2 million (4 movies, 2 Done)
  3. Anna – $395.1 million (3 movies)
  4. Danielle – $267.6 million (3 movies, 2 Done)
  5. Sean – $184.2 million (4 movies, 2 Done)
  6. Andy – $170.4 million (1 movie)
  7. Tanya – $149.9 million (2 movies, 1 Done)

There’s not much to report as the standings stayed very much the same except Andy switched places with Tanya. The amounts that people went up by this week were generally small. Most people went up by about an average of $30 million. Andy went up by about twice that and Liz only increased her lead by $2 million.

I’m sorry if many of you didn’t get the NBA Jam references but it was too much fun to go back to my childhood. So thanks for indulging me.

The Fourth is coming up, which means wacky movie schedule. I’ll try my best to stay on top of it and get posts out for all the releases. Until then…



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