Here are the trailers for the movies that came out this weekend, as well as how well they did at the box office. I feel like it still works…

The Purge (Frankenstein Dinkledorf)

Even though it got so-so reviews (Rotten Tomatoes is at 39% and MetaCritic gave it a score of 41, with the majority being “mixed”), The Purge won the weekend, making $34.1 million. The relatively big weekend (they made the movie for $3 million) may be the result of a successful Twitter campaign, where all day Friday #ifthepurgewashappeninginreallife was trending. Interestingly, this doesn’t even seem to be a campaign Universal came up with (the hashtag wasn’t one of Twitter’s “promoted” topics1). The trend is kind of cute and funny for like 3 minutes, then gets old fast (especially seeing the same 8 memes over and over again), but it was enough to get some recognition for the movie.

Coming in second and third this weekend and each making around $19 million were Fast and Furious 6 and Now You See Me. The $19 million was enough to push Fast 6 past the $200 million mark in its third week. Now You See Me continues to perform well as it added almost 100 more theaters and fell only 35% from last weekend.

In fourth this weekend…

The Internship (Anna)

So, obviously, they were hoping to duplicate the success of Wedding Crashers, which made $33.9 million in its opening weekend and went on to make $209 million. Unfortunately, Wedding Crashers was good (75% fresh) and this movie is not (33% rotten and MetaCritic gave it a score of 43 out of 100, the majority of which are “mixed”). The result was only $17 million this weekend. I’m pretty sure they would’ve been better off and taking their $58 million budget and buying Google stock with it. Hopefully they got paid for the product placement.

Star Trek Into Darkness and EPIC each made around $11 million this weekend. This pushes Star Trek past the $200 million mark as well, but in its fourth week. EPIC has made $84 million in 3 weeks and will clearly break the $100 million mark.

After Earth managed to make $10 million this weekend. Down 61% from last week’s meager haul, AE is now totaling $46 million.

Some quick hits:

  • Even though the Hangover Part III can be considered a failure (not making $200 million like its predecessors), it still broke $100 million this weekend with its $7.3 million take this weekend.
  • The Great Gatsby has made $136 million heading into its sixth and final weekend.
  • Iron Man 3 is no more. It reached the six week threshold this weekend bringing its grand total to $394.2 million.

Also out this weekend…

Much Ado About Nothing (Lovelace Larry)

So, its apparently great. Rotten Tomatoes has it 80% fresh, with a top critics score at 89%. MetaCritic has a score of 76, where 20 of the 23 reviews are “positive.” Unfortunately, The Avengers 2 this is not. Much Ado About Nothing was only released in 5 theaters last weekend, bringing in $171k ($34k per theater average). I do think this will perform well. People love Joss Whedon. People love Shakespeare. The movie’s good. It’s going to continue to perform throughout the summer.


  1. Liz – $530.8 million (3 movies)
  2. Rhys – $318 million (3 movies)
  3. Danielle – $211.9 million (3 movies)
  4. Tanya – $102.3 million (1 movie)
  5. Anna – $78.2 million (2 movies)
  6. Sean – $46.3 million (4 movies)
  7. Andy – $0 (0 movies)

There’s a good chance that Liz is going to stay in first place for a while, though her score isn’t going to drastically increase with Kick-Ass 2, The Bling Ring, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, and The To-Do List left. Anna’s going to take a huge leap (tall buildings in single bound!) this weekend. Man of Steel comes out and I’ve read many predictions that this will be the biggest movie of the summer. Early reviews are positive, as well. I have no idea what’s going to happen with Andy’s Team. His movies are so far away; he could have the best team or the worst team and we’d have no idea for like a month.

This Is The End comes out today, so stay tuned for another post later in the day. Hopefully, this is the last time I seriously slack off like this for the rest of the summer.



1The reason I, personally, don’t think Universal was trying to force this trend on Twitter? The terrible English in which the hashtag is written. That’s got ’16 year old kid’ written all over it. Why is it not just #ifthepurgewasreal? Jump

One thought on “The Attractions That Already Came

  1. You have earned some slacking. Also I am luring you all into a false sense of security and then BOOOM attack of the kids. Much like being an uncle actually.

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